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Allergy Bullies, How To Catch A Falling Baby

June 21, 2013

Bullies Use Allergies Against Victims

NY Times Journalist (and friend) Catherine Saint Louis writes that 1/3 of kids with food allergies reported being bullied for their allergy, with only 1/2 of those being reported to parents. In some cases victims had peanut butter, milk, and other allergens thrown at them or forced into their mouths.
"In Bullies Hands Nuts Or Milk May Be A Weapon" (NY Times)

Helping Dads Talk About Sex With Daughters

Joyce McFadden, psychoanalyst and author of "Your Daughter's Bedroom", has produced another viral hit blog post advising fathers on overcoming their fears so they can help their daughters be confident and healthy about sex later in life. Would you believe that preschool girls are more likely to have been taught the word "penis" than any word for their own genitalia?
Three Things Little Girls Need From Their Fathers (Huffington Post)

Catcher's Daughter Catches Falling Baby

If you're a baby falling from a fire escape, try to make sure that a daughter of an all-star MLB catcher is walking by to catch you.

Netflix Strikes Back

Netflix inked a new deal with Dreamworks to stream kids' movies like Shrek and new features based on their characters, responding to Amazon's recent nabbing of exclusive Nickelodeon content. Netflix Stakes Out New Ground In Fight For Your Kids - Gizmodo

Uncut Penis Humor

Slate's Troy Patterson peels back the latest medical opinions on circumcision in "The Unkindest Cut: Should a gentleman circumcise his little gentleman’s tiny gentleman?"

Does Coffee Limit Creativity?

Maria Konnikova makes a case that caffeine may hinder creativity in the New Yorker. No word yet on how much creativity is required to change your 14th diaper of the day on 2 hours of sleep.

Best Sunscreen For Kids

Summer's here, so I did a bunch of research on sunscreen this week. I recommend that you use any of these three 50-SPF Coppertone Mineral-based Sunscreens: Coppertone Water Babies 50-SPF, Coppertone Kids 50-SPF, or Coppertone Sensitive Skin 50-SPF

Why? These three are the only widely-available lotion products that rated well in this EWG study. Others tips: Don't use sprays, they can get into kids' eyes and mouths.  Did you know SPF-30 only blocks 1% less UV than SPF-50? For this and other surprising facts check out this Slate article.

Music Picks for Sing-Along, Dancing, and Baby Relaxation

Our son's preschool teachers revealed the music they've found most successful with the class.  For sing-alongs, they use We All Live Together Vol 2 by Greg & Steve.  For dancing, they use Go Baby Go by the Baby Loves Jazz Band.  If you're looking for a more soothing sound for newborns or in utero audiophiles, check out the recently released Jazz For Babies Vibraphone Album by Michael Janisch.